Its one of my hobby to answer the questions asked online. Obviously in selected categories in which I’m interested. Even today when i was doing the same, a question stopped me but I had no answer than a minutes of silence! Because the question was….

I’m a 24 year-old-male and earn around INR 24 lakh per annum. I’m living in Bengaluru. I’m constantly sad. How should i spend my money to make myself happy?

I was speechless!! I never knew people would Google for how to spend money and I never thought this can be a question ….seriously!!

To the point “I’m always sad” . There might be a lot of reasons for being sad, but the point is you have mentioned that ‘you are constantly sad’. Along with there are uncountable reason to be happy! Take a break from your daily routine, turn off your computer/lappy, come outside your room and go out for hours… By earning 24 lakhs per annum you might be hving luxurious car with you, go to crowded area not a mall or similars but to a place where middle class peoples live. Get out of your car and be in streets for an hour. See people how they are , how do they live , what do they do for living…  You will find all the answers to your questions for sure! You no need to travel the whole world to view the world of others. Just few minutes are enough but you need to have such view and vision, that’s it and you will get to know the answers to the typical question “how to spend money!!!”

When I go outside, I always used to take some extra penny with me [penny as I’m not earning 24 lakhs/annum!] I take some extra coins with me so that when a needy approaches when we struck at traffic I can give them. I’m sure the money I give to them cannot feed them forever but I can make their hunger little lighter. I’m not supporting begging, it depends on you to choose peoples to give a very little amount from your side. Bringing smile on one’s face makes me happier than anything.

Life is such a big concept, it is much big to be sad but too small to be happy!

Look at the images below… Poverty teaches more than our imagination!


This is the world outside our homes! Do you still need reasons to spend your money??

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