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When a minute of silence became an answer to a question!

Its one of my hobby to answer the questions asked online. Obviously in selected categories in which I’m interested. Even today when i was doing the same, a question stopped me but I had no answer than a minutes of silence! Because the question was….

I’m a 24 year-old-male and earn around INR 24 lakh per annum. I’m living in Bengaluru. I’m constantly sad. How should i spend my money to make myself happy?

I was speechless!! I never knew people would Google for how to spend money and I never thought this can be a question ….seriously!!

To the point “I’m always sad” . There might be a lot of reasons for being sad, but the point is you have mentioned that ‘you are constantly sad’. Along with there are uncountable reason to be happy! Take a break from your daily routine, turn off your computer/lappy, come outside your room and go out for hours… By earning 24 lakhs per annum you might be hving luxurious car with you, go to crowded area not a mall or similars but to a place where middle class peoples live. Get out of your car and be in streets for an hour. See people how they are , how do they live , what do they do for living…  You will find all the answers to your questions for sure! You no need to travel the whole world to view the world of others. Just few minutes are enough but you need to have such view and vision, that’s it and you will get to know the answers to the typical question “how to spend money!!!”

When I go outside, I always used to take some extra penny with me [penny as I’m not earning 24 lakhs/annum!] I take some extra coins with me so that when a needy approaches when we struck at traffic I can give them. I’m sure the money I give to them cannot feed them forever but I can make their hunger little lighter. I’m not supporting begging, it depends on you to choose peoples to give a very little amount from your side. Bringing smile on one’s face makes me happier than anything.

Life is such a big concept, it is much big to be sad but too small to be happy!

Look at the images below… Poverty teaches more than our imagination!


This is the world outside our homes! Do you still need reasons to spend your money??

[images used in this post are not originally my clicks]


Purani Haveli – Hyderabad

Fifth day at Hyderabad, an ancient city of India. As per our plan at morning 10 O’ clock we got into a private vehicle to visit Purani haveli at Hyderabad. After visting Chawmahalla Palace, we were so excited to see the official residence of the Hyderabad Nizam’s.

We were travelling with the help of Google Maps, but at certain place google map started rotating his direction, twice we came to the same place but couldn’t find the Haveli! Our cab driver was also new to the city, so we asked a person “Purani Haveli kaha par hai [where is Purani Haveli] ?” He replied “Yahi hai purani Haveli,apko kaha jana hai [This is only purani haveli, where you want to go]?” .We said, “Haveli only”. His replied shocked us, because he said, “Wo toh sirf naam hai madam ji, havelli kuch hai nahi!! [Haveli is only name, nothing is there to see]!!

We left our cab as he was getting late and started googling. Google said “its U-shaped building, it has the world’s longest wardrobe bla bla bla” .Then with the help of auto rickshaw driver thankfully we reached so called Purani haveli!

The first view of Purani haveli…


Visitors have to take entry ticket of 80 rs/person and to click photos one should take camera fees of Rs. 150 We took our tickets and stepped into the haveli.

A small museum with Royal collections of Nizam’s including gold and silver. It has impressive silver models of the great buildings along with markets of Hyderabad, of Nizam’s times.Great attractions were a huge walk-in wardrobe & a hand operated lift, which  is said to be operated even now! It is worth seeing it! Entry fees is not much high for those who want see the life style and royalty of Nizam’s.

The camera fees which is paid in Purani Haveli is nothing but waste of money. Staffs were so rude that they were just screaming and shouting at the visitors, even though there were only countable visitors on that day! Visitors were not allowed to stand and click the photo even after paying camera fees. Instead they would have boarded ‘NO PHOTOS’! A great disappointment!

More than half of the Haveli is a High school now… Extremely poor maintains, when we visited there was no electricity too! I’m amazed they have kept so much expensive things in such a building where there is no electricity!! Can you imagine!


The 2nd Nizam Mir Nizam Ali Khan had taken over this from Rukunudhaulah of the Momin dynasty, in 1717. The main building is a symbol of 18th century European architecture. Sikander Jha lived here for some time and later shifted to Khilwat Mahal. Due to this, these buildings are called Purani Haveli.

Note to the visitors:

It is very near to Chawmahalla Palace  you can visit both on the same day.

writer: breathmath


Chawmahalla Palace – Hyderabad

The third day in Hyderabad.. In first two days we visited Golconda Fort – Qutub Shahi Dynasty – Hyderabad ,Qutub Shahi Tombs – Hyderabad awesome and attractive places. Third day we went to Chawmahalla palace at Khilwat,Hyderabad. It is located near the famous Charminar and Laad Bazaar. We went  inside the palace somewhat  at  10 a.m. Just  beside the  main gate of palace there is a visitors counter, visitors had to purchase entry fees person and camera fees has to  be paid in the counter itself. We had purchased our tickets and camera ticket too. Then security guards checked our belongings and allowed us to visit the palace.

The click of inside view  of the palace is….


The designs, structures and arcs surprised us. It has lawns and fountains. In this yards visitors can click photos by wearing Nizam’s and Queen’s costumes, for paying it 😀 They take two hundred rupees for two photos. Lol we clicked ours as King and queen 😀 😀

Khilwat Mubarak: 

Looks like heart of Chowmahalla Palace. The outer view of the Khilwat Mubarak…

It has considerably big windows on both the sides of it. By looking at the structure of the building one can imagine the royalty of Nizam’s of Hyderabad.

The Grand look of Darbar Hall:


Inside of Khilwat Mubarak, one can see grand pillars made from marbles and marbled platform. It has big joomers(lights) all over. The roof is at greater height and architecture is a pure symbol of Richness of those days. In the middle of the hall there is Royal seat of Nizam, hence the hall is called Darbar hall, where Nizam’s used to held thier Darbar.

Nizam’s Darbar:


Furniture and Decorative items in Chawmahalla Palace:

Dinner sets:

There were number of collections of various countries, they have named each and piece of dinner set with its name and manufactured country! We just clicked very few among those! have a look!

Clock Tower:


Vintage cars:



While construction initiated in 1750 by SalarJung, it was completed by the period of 1857 and 1869. It is believed to be modelled after Shah Of Iran’s palace in Tehran which was built by Juveria Khan Rahimullah.

The palace originally covered 45 acres (180,000 m2), but only 12 acres (49,000 m2) remain today.

It was the seat of the Asaf Shahi dynasty and was the official residence of the Nizam’s of Hyderabad while they ruled their state. The palace remains the property of  Mukarram Jah, heir of the Nizams.



An awesome place to visit at any season and for any aged people. The palace attracts visitors all over the world. A must visit place being an Indian, to see the Royalty of Ancient India.


The prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific Merit award for cultural heritage conservation was presented to Chowmahalla Palace on 15 March 2010.


writer & photographer: breathmath

Managing Love & Studies!

Breath Math

It is truly Tough Tie to choose one among Love and Education/Career?? Falling in love in younger age and maintaining love relationship is not so easy. As common as it is falling in love it is also common to break-up! Yep! Then,  What’s after “BREAKUP”?!… You need to strengthen your mind to come up and to focus better on your studies.

One of my student asked me few days back to talk about ways “to manage love and studies” or “how to manage both love and studies”. Even though it is a right question, I couldn’t control and started  laughing for a while.

When I was a student, I had friends who were in love relationships. A friend of mine topped university examination, twice! An year passed and we passed to second year degree, it was a time of third semester examination, her examination result was exactly opposite of…

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Qutub Shahi Tombs – Hyderabad

After visiting Golconda Fort – Qutub Shahi Dynasty we came to Qutub shahi tombs, which is just within 1 km distance from outer wall of the Golconda Fort.This is the second place we visited in Hyderabad… We bought our entry tickets at the counter next to the entrance. We parked our vehicle inside the compound and started  walking… 

Tombs are standing in acres of garden and the area has a compound wall. This is the first view inside the Qutub Shahi tombs compound.


Officially it is known as Quli Qutb Shahi Archaeological Park extends over 106acres and it is called as “seven tombs” of Qutb shahi’s but there are dozens of tombs, of royal Qutb shah family and it also includes dancers, physicians of the Kingdom.Clearly, it has 40 tombs, 23 masjids, 5 baolis, a mortuary bath, pavilions and garden structures.

The Tomb Of Abdullah Qutb Shah (VII King):

The first tomb inside the Qutub Shahi tombs compound is Tomb of Abdullah Qutb Shah (VII King).IMG-20160801-WA0032.jpg

The entire place is as peaceful as beautiful! Below images are of Tomb of Abdullah Qutb Shah…

After spending lots time in the corridor of tomb of Abdullah Qutb Shah, we began to walk towards The Qutb Shahi Tombs Museum, there one read the complete story of Qutb Shahi Dynasty, Qutb Shahi family tree and their period of ruling the their Kingdom, The complete structure of Tombs, it also exhibits weapons, armor, utensils and other important materials and artifacts of the Qutb Shahi period. Awesome!


An unfinished tomb:


This tomb is just outside the the compound of tombs. As you can see it is an unfinished tomb, its dome is missing!

The Tomb of Hayat Baksh Begum:


It lies to the right, just after the entrance, the large walled area. It has series of aches, the tomb walls are finely plastered, the tomb has small pond structure in front of it.  Just beside these steps there a small masjid, history says Aurangazeb was performing prayers over here.

Small masjid beside the tomb of Hayat Baksh Begum

Back side of The Tomb of Hayat Baksh Begum, there is a big masjid, called Great Masjid of Qutb Shahi Tombs.

That’s truly a beautiful mosque, with decorating its columns, facade and awesome minarets.

The Tomb of Quli Qutub Mulk (I king): The founder of Qutb shahi dynasty




Tomb of Jamsheed Qutb Shah(II King):


The Tomb of Mohammad Quli Qutb Shah(V King):



The Tomb of Sultan Mohammad Qutb Shah(VI King):


Seven Among eight kings of Qutb shahi Dynasty were buried here, except the last king Abdul Hasan Qutb Shah. As history says Abdul Hasan Qutb Shah was taken as a prisoner and was imprisoned in theDaulatabad by Aurangazeb, so he was not buried beside his ancestors.

The tomb of Fathima Sulthana: The  tomb of sister of Sulthan Mohammed Qutb Shah named Fathima Sulthana.

Closer view of Tomb of Fathima Sulthana

As there were a lot of visitors we couldn’t click clearer image of tomb of Fathima Sulthana.


Tombs of Taramati and Premamati:



These tombs are smaller in siz when compared to other tombs.Taramati and Premavati are  the dancers of Royal Qutb Shah kingdom, then turned into royal wives.

Tombs of Physicians:


Tourists were sitting chatting there, few like were busy in clicking photos as well 😀 Overall it was an awesome outing. Visiting Hyderabad was worth of taking leave from office 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Qutb shahi Tombs are open from morning 9:30 to evening  5:00, take a leave and  visit the awesome historical place except on Fryday, because it used to be closed on Friday 😉

Will be  back soon…




Strengthening of Mind /Being Emotionally Strong

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Golconda Fort – Qutub Shahi Dynasty – Hyderabad

Before going to visit the historical places of India’s ancient city Hyderabad, we studied little more about the places, so that we can understand the monuments a lil bit 🙂 At first we decided to visit Golconda Fort, which is located in the western part of Hyderabad city i.e., Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana.

The street which meets Golconda Fort is still like old city itself. Those older smaller huts and thus finally we reached our destination Golconda Fort.

From the outer fort, it took nearly 5 kilometers to reach the fort gate. This gate was opened which made the army of Aurangzeb entered inside the fort.

The first inside view of Golconda fort is slide shown below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By looking at the first view we were speechless! Undoubtedly one of most magnificent fortress.


Architectural marvel, this massive doorway is so wide and high and the door is called Fateh Darwaza, which is the outermost enclosure. It has peacocks and lions at the top of the door. Visitors were clapping  and whistling there under the middle of the arch or dome, the sound will be reverberates which is heard clearly at the hill top pavilion, almost one kilometer away, which served as a warning note in times of danger in kings times.

Mosque of Ibrahim

Ibrahim’s mosque, a typical Qutub shahi mosque with arcades and two minarets is situated in the upper part of Golcond fort.

After watching it,  we moved towards steps of the Bala Hissar, there are number of steps and the records tells that there are almost 360 steps… Oops!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was truly awesome view from top of the hill, fresh air, utmost silence… one can see whole hyderabad itseems, this might be kings idea too, to view his whole dynasty… wow! We did lots of photo clicking, as much we clicked, we felt like let us take one more 😀 😀 It took almost one hour to get down all those steps.


Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah was the 4th Shahan-e Qutb dynasty Sultan. He ruled for 30 years from 1550 to 1580. He was the son of the 1st Sultan Quli Qutb-ul-Mulk and ascended the throne after returning from Vijayanagar after his brother Jamsheed died. Ibrahim was good in wars,arts and cultures. He repaired the Golconda fort. In 1687 A.D. Abdullah khan Panni has opened fateh dharwaza, which made Aurangazeb to enter the fort. Then he left the fort to ruin.


Crowd Screaming!!

It was almost 2 pm, I had my lunch bellyful and i was about to sleep for a while. Suddenly I heard crowd of people screaming so loudly. I ran to my balcony and started peeping as i my home is in third floor. But i found no one there such as screaming! I was little scared to open the main door, because I was not sure what was happening outside. I got a call from my neighbor(from same floor), she was also frightened, she asked me to open the main door, we both decided to open the doors together! Yes! we did it! People were screaming so loudly, my neighbor told “it might downstairs let’s go and see”. We went downstairs, people from second floor were also going downstairs, we followed them.

Yes, it was in our building only, first floor! As it was Sunday everyone gathered there. People were murmuring there like a 22 years old lady has attempted suicide by drinking phenol!!! We were like PHENOL?? YEEWWWW!! Her family memebrs took her to hospital and we came back to our homes.


Even after coming home i was thinking, how one can drink phenoooooool??!! yuck! Committing suicide?? I don’t why people commit suicide? What do they feel? I’m are they so eager to make others to feel their absence?? How they will get to know if someone misses them after their death?? Hectic! I don’t understand 😦 Killing themselves?? For what??

Actually the girl who attempted suicide was a double graduate! What is the use of all that schooling she went? What is her parents fault? This is the one which we saw directly, but there are hundreds like this! They may think that they have a right to die but no. No one has the right to kill or kill themselves! They might be thinking that its their life, but directly or indirectly life is linked with many others of your family. Parents have brought you up from child to an adult, these long years! So, seriously, no one has the right to kill themselves! Every problem has a solution, suicide doesn’t come under the solution to any problem or pain! Sharing problems with others lighten your feelings and being lighter you might find a true solution to it.

With God’s grace that girl has reached home safely after two days of medical treatments!  In these two days we were just thinking about this hectic act of the young lady!

And I started doing my daily routine after two days, while pouring detergent liquid to washing machine, I thought it would be better for me to keep all my detergent liquid and phenol bottles inside the home instead of keeping in balcony 😀 Its too dangerous if mentally stressed or depressed one finds my phenol bottle here and  OMG!!! NOOOO! Save everyone! Let me keep all detergent liquid and phenol inside, for the betterment of the society! 😛

writer: breathmath

Clearifying! — Breath Math

Classroom experiences are pretty awesome, they are unforgettable. I still remember my school days. Those interesting classes and I was one of them who rise hands first for the questions asked by the teacher in the classroom. This was the best relation I had between me and my teachers. Now I’m a mathematics teacher. I […]

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